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Zulip Servers Hosting

Examples of Use

  • Real-time communication
  • Internal Company Chat
  • Customer Support Chat
  • Community of clients
  • Community of partners
  • Transversal working group
  • Internal association chat
  • Community of members of an association

Open source

Zulip code is created and shared by a large community of over 500 developers.

It is public and available on GitHub.

This improves the scalability, durability and security of the solution.

Unlimited messages

Zolandia allows you to keep all messages created within Zulip.

You are never limited to 10,000 messages and do not lose your community’s memory after a few days.

The search function allows you to instantly find the messages that interest you.


Your application is available simultaneously and in real time on:


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
  • Web browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari…


We monitor your server in order to guarantee you the best price.

Six server sizes are available as standard, from size XS to size XXL.

Beyond that, we are at your disposal to offer you a personalized hosting solution.

€99 per month!

Create as many users (administrators, members or guests) as you like.

From €99 excl. tax per month. Unlimited number of users.

This reasonable cost allows you to better listen and serve your community.

Channels and topics

We advise administrators to create 20 to 30 chat channels and let members create as many topics per channel as they want.

These conversation topics allow users to focus on their own interests without having to deal with “ambient noise”.

It is a more productive way of working than email or Zulip alternatives (Slack or Discord for example).


Zolandia hosts your Zulip server in a managed and secure way:


  • Dedicated virtual server
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Dedicated database
  • Dedicated mail server
  • Installation
  • Managed hosting
  • Updates
  • Daily backup
  • Security


Zolandia is an offer from WebZenitude.

WebZenitude is one of the few web companies that provides information on the security of its information systems .

Our main security philosophy is transparency towards our customers.

We can thus exchange with them and constantly improve our IT security.

Confidentiality & reputation

Your virtual server, your IP address, your database and your mail server, all of them dedicated, bring you lots of advantages. For example:


  • Another of our customers will never access your data “accidentally”.
  • You will not see your emails classified as spam due to the inappropriate behavior of a server neighbour.


You can choose the location of your server at:


  • Amsterdam
  • Chicago
  • Frankfurt
  • Helsinki
  • London
  • New York
  • San Jose
  • Singapore


We perform a full backup of your server every day.

Your data is your property. You can ask us to provide you with an one-time copy or, for an additional fee, a weekly or monthly copy.

This ensures that you are always in possession of your data.


Zulip is an Open Source solution.

You can request a copy of your data from us at any time.

This allows you to easily migrate your Zulip chat to an internal server or another host.

Our philosophy is to build customer loyalty by letting them be free.